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How to Start a Blog

Teen bloggers are sharing their unique experiences and hobbies, improving their writing skills, and sometimes earning money—all from writing a blog.

Blogs are nothing new. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new to write about—maybe even on your very own blog.girl working on hw

People read, follow, and interact on blogs because they like connecting with people who share similar interests or because the blogger has a life story so different from their’s that they’re hooked on reading more about it. And blogs can be about pretty much anything: a hobby, a unique interest, trying new things, unusual living situations, teaching others how to do something, starting a movement to do good in the world, and more.

Some blogs can make money for their writers by showing advertisements on the blog pages or by companies sponsoring the blogger to try and write about a product. But before you start planning to be an award-winning millionaire blogger, you need to know how to set one up.

First, think about what you want to write about and why. Do you have a special talent people might want to learn about, or learn how to do? Is your life unusual from most people’s—do you live in a tiny house with your family? Do you raise exotic pets? Do you like trying new things and chronicling what happens—the good and the bad? Or do you like to teach people how to do things? Do you want to achieve a goal and you think others would like to follow along on your journey?

Once you have an idea for your blog, work with a parent or guardian to build out your website on an online platform. You can check out the free options offered by Tumblr and Blogger.

You will also want to talk with your parent/guardian about what type of content—words, photos, links to your personal social media—they feel is appropriate and safe to put on the blog.

Lastly, start writing and sharing with your friends! The most successful blogs have regular posts. That means you should be putting something new on your blog each week to keep readers engaged, your writing strong, and your blog goals on track. Good luck!

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