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Can You Bring a Pet With You?

If you have pets and you like to travel, chances are you’ve thought about taking them along for the journey at least once or twice. Maybe you’re getting ready to move a long distance from your current residence and are wondering how to transport your four-legged friend. Here’s what you need to know about taking your pets on a journey.

Main Modes of Transport

If you’re traveling a long distance with a pet, your options are more or less limited to either automobiles or planes. Trains will allow some small pets to board, but considering you may not have the opportunity to take your pet out to relieve itself for hours on end, it’s not the best idea.

Traveling in Vehicles

Enclosed passenger vehicles, like cars and SUVs, are the best way to get your animal from point A to point B. They’re in the same environment you are, so you know they’re comfortable. Additionally, you can stop whenever they let you know they need some time outside of the ride.

If you’re going an especially long distance, make sure food and water (and their respective bowls) are quickly accessible. Bring some of your pet’s favorite blankets and toys to help comfort them. If possible, you might consider removing a seat or two so your pet has ample room to comfortably lie down. Expect your animal to be very nervous at first. They’ll probably stand awkwardly trying to keep their balance, so take slow turns. Eventually, they’ll relax and find a way to lie down.

Traveling in Planes

It’s possible to take your pet on a plane, but it’s not recommended. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a choice. If your pet is small enough to fit in a carry-on according to the airline’s policy, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as the flight isn’t more than a few hours long. Extended flights may leave your animal desperate for a patch of grass or litterbox that’s nowhere to be found.

Avoid checking your animal as luggage at all costs. Most airline staffs are overworked and underpaid, so it’s not a good idea to expect them to put more effort into caring for your pet than they would into moving any other piece of luggage. If you absolutely must check your pet, visit here for advice on getting them through the journey safely.

Are the Accommodations Accommodating?

If you’re just going on vacation and are not moving, check with your sleeping accommodations to make sure pets are allowed in your room. Be sure to obtain some sort of official confirmation of the policy before you book. An “Oh, yeah, sure you can bring your dog,” from whoever is running the desk when you call isn’t enough. Fortunately, there are many hotels that are pet-friendly, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one near your destination.

Happy travels!