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Choosing a Culinary Getaway

When some people think of vacation, they picture museums. Others choose skydiving or hiking adventures. A lot of people place importance on the food on their trip. But hotel room service and fast food don’t cut it for everybody. If you’re a total foodie looking to take some time off from work, you probably want an experience to delight your palate. This article has you covered.

Taste Everything in One Place

One great option is to head to a large city like New York or Chicago, known for their wide variety of top-tier restaurants. You can eat sushi for breakfast, Mexican for lunch and Italian for dinner, each prepared by a world-renowned chef. It’s hard to go wrong in cities like this, but it’s easy to spend every last cent you have (and then some). If you do take this route, be sure to do some homework before you go. Check online forums frequented by locals where you’ll be able to find hints about places that are authentic as well as affordable.

Critic List

If you enjoy reading the works of food critics, you might visit their home city and make a trip out of their most highly rated meals. You’ll save yourself the hassle of digging around online or pestering locals for tips on the best eateries. It’s not unusual for critics to patronize some of the more haute locations in a city, so you may have to watch your wallet. It’s also wise to make selections from the reviews of more than one critic. It would be a real bummer to find out that, although you find their written reviews enjoyable, your taste buds hold a different opinion. You may need to drop a star or two off your sleeping accommodations to afford an excursion like this ­­— but that’s alright, this trip is about luxury you can enjoy while you’re awake.

Go All-In on a Particular Style

Another option is to head somewhere renowned for a particular style or type of dish. Are you a lobster lover? Head to Maine and enjoy it prepared in every way you can imagine. If you’re a sucker for Italian, head to Italy and enjoy pasta like you’ve never tasted before. Wherever you go, make sure to take a break here and there with a different kind of fare to prevent monotony from dulling your enjoyment.

Commit to a Long Term Quest

Maybe you’re a real connoisseur. You’ve been to the big city and tried everything under the sun. If that’s the case, it might be time to post an atlas on your wall and put a pin in every locale that’s already represented in your list of culinary conquests. Make note of the remaining locations and do some research on the dishes you might find there. How authentic does the meal have to be in order to qualify for a pin? Only you can decide. Don’t sweat it if you have to work this plan in alongside less food-oriented travels. There aren’t many people who can afford to catch planes all over the globe in one trip just to try obscure dishes.

Here’s hoping your journey is absolutely delectable!