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Getting a Small Business Boost with the Help of a Freelancer

Part of the reality of owning or operating a small business is the importance of resource management. Allocating the right amount of money and time to the right people and projects is crucial to success. If you need an added boost to output, but don’t have the luxury of adding additional personnel, consider hiring a freelance or contract worker for a short time.

There are several online brokers that connect clients and applicants for a small fee — usually a fixed percentage of the job’s pay scale. Here are a few well-known options and their areas of specialization:

  • Accountemps (Robert Half): Focusing specifically on accounting and administrative professionals, Accountemps can help you with collections, auditing, tax work, general data entry, and many other office support functions.
  • iFreelance: From media production, photography, writing, and designing, to IT specialists, accountants, and engineers, iFreelance supports a broad spectrum of industries.
  • Software and mobile application developers, designers, writers, marketers, accountants, and more. More than 11 million users worldwide makes one of the largest freelance marketplaces accessible.
  • Upwork: Developers, designers, writers, translators, data analysts, and administrative professionals. Upwork hourly rates are set by clients rather than talent, which is different from most host sites.

There are many other options available. Visit a few sites, review the fees and pricing structure, and browse the available talent. The right fit largely depends upon the scope of work that you need performed, and the amount of capital you have available to invest.

This list was generated based on the popularity of widely known freelance and contract work websites. We do not endorse or guarantee any third-party products, processes, or services.